Dear John,


I hope this letter finds you well, though I know nobody has heard from you in a long time. It feels like it’s been years, but it’s only been a few months since your last letter. Sorry you haven’t had the time to write. You must be very busy there in Hongkong. As much as I would like to keep it from happening until you come home, I’ve been growing even faster the last little while. I’m 5’ 6” already and I think it will keep going. One day I might burst through the bed sheets and just keep growing until I can’t fit in my bedroom anymore. It’s been very lonely here without you and Brian around. Laura keeps me company sometimes, but I still have Betty and Shirley from school. Theres nothing to do during the day when they are off with their families. Daddy is doing just fine as far as I know. I know he is planning on writing to you pretty soon (Or maybe he already did!) I miss you and Brian very much and I told him not to go to war but he didn’t listen. I’m very angry with him, and he will know it when he gets his letter.

I have something awful to tell you and I’m sorry it has to come from me and in a letter. But our mother is not doing so well. She has been very sad since you left and it only got worse after Brian left. She’s getting sick. I don’t know what it is, but I can say for sure that it is not a cold or flu. She has no fever. She just can’t seem to get around anymore. She’s like an old maid, but such a pretty young lady as mommy is I don’t understand it. I have nobody to talk to about this which is why I’m writing to you about it. I’m sure daddy will write you and explain it all. I wish I could ask him about it but I’m afraid he knows something he’s not telling me. It’s been very quiet the last while here in town. I heard your friend Tony is missing. Are you going to look for him? I miss you.

Yours Truly,

Hayley Cox

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